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Managing Director – Europoxy

With a strong team of experienced engineers and technical professionals, Europoxy is the pioneer manufacturer of epoxy components in the region.

I am honoured head Europoxy as the Managing Director, the company with the long track record of reliability, superior technologies, and top quality products for electrical applications.

I was always motivated by the desire to meaningfully contribute to my surroundings, and when we started Europoxy in Dubai, the region was completely lacking in any professional epoxy manufacturers. With the team of experts and highly trained professionals in the field we answered this demand, and we ensured to always go above and beyond our client’s expectations. The fact that we still remain the only local product provider with the constantly growing number of satisfied and loyal clients speaks for itself.

We take our role very seriously and approach our work with great responsibility towards our clients, our industry, and our environment. We are ISO 9001:2008 Certified, and our technologies are as reliable as they are innovative. Our processing plants are cutting-edge, using state of the art technologies from Hedrich Vacuum Systems Germany. We apply the highest quality standards in everything we do, and we pride ourselves for our competency and skill to build any custom made epoxy product our client’s request from us. Our team insists on quality, safety, highest work ethics and constant technological advancement.

I want to thank my team and our clients for their loyalty, integrity and passion. Our team’s dedication shows in the reputation we hold in the local market. We promise our clients we will continue to advance and keep on providing them with exceptional, custom-made products.